08 May

EIGRP automatic static route redistribution?

Static route redistribution is straightforward in EIGRP, you need to use the redistribution keyword under the EIGRP process, and add a seed metric to it.


router eigrp 1
redistribute static metric 1 1 1 1 1

ip route

Thanks to the loop prevention behavior of the protocol, EIGRP will advertise this route as an EIGRP External route, which has an AD of 170.

R1’s neighbor:

D EX [170/2560512256] via, 00:00:06, Serial1/2

If you point the route to an interface (which you can, if it’s a point-to-point interface), the protocol will do something very different. According to Cisco’s technical whitepaper:

When you install a static route to an interface, and configure a network statement using router eigrp, which includes the static route, EIGRP redistributes this route as if it were a directly connected interface

It will do this redistribution even if you don’t use the redistribute static keyword.

It is also funny, that if you do static redistribution, and you point the route to the interface, it will redistribute the route as an EIGRP internal route, which has an AD of 90.


ip route
ip route Serial1/0
ip route

R1’s neighbor router: is variably subnetted, 9 subnets, 2 masks
D [90/2681856] via, 00:28:53, Serial1/2
D EX [170/2560512256] via, 00:07:59, Serial1/2
D [90/2681856] via, 00:29:23, Serial1/2


That’s something what we should keep in mind 🙂

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