23 Mar

Quickly recall commands on the CCIE exam

First a quick update: I have 64 days, 8 hours and 3 minutes left until my #2 attempt. So everything goes according to the plan, and I’m happy, because I can allocate more than 50 hours / week nowadays for the preparation. But, there is an awful lot of things to do..

Today I discovered a small trick, which we can include in our HUGE CCIE Toolbox SET.

If you know a command, but, you don’t know the exact syntax (or parameter keywords), you can use either the command ref on the DocCD, or the show parser dump command. (The command is not available from 15.0(1)M, but it’s okay, we live in the 12.4T world).

Let’s try with my favorite command:

Rack1R3#show parser dump router | i 15.*bgp.*redist
15 bgp redistribute-internal

or another one:
Rack1R3#show parser dump interface | i 15.pim.nei
15 ip pim neighbor-filter
15 ip pim bidir-neighbor-filter

This feature can be very handy, if you write the config in notepad, and you don’t know the parameters exactly:
Rack1R3#show parser dump map-class | i 15.frame.
15 frame-relay mincir <1000-45000000>
15 frame-relay cir <1-45000000>
15 frame-relay bc <300-16000000>
15 frame-relay be <0-16000000>
15 frame-relay custom-queue-list <1-16>
15 frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn
15 frame-relay adaptive-shaping foresight
15 frame-relay adaptive-shaping interface-congestion
15 frame-relay traffic-rate <600-45000000> <0-45000000>
15 …

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