Good news from Brussels

July 17th, 2014 | Tags:

On my #2 attempt, 5-6 days before the end of the V4 track, I passed my Routing & Switching CCIE lab Exam, and earn my number: #43897

I’m very very happy right now. This was a huge Mental and Technical challenge, and a very important step in my personal and professional development.  I already received my CCIE plaque.

Personally I think it’s very nice, built from high quality materials. Couldn’t resist to do some photoshopping on the photoMosolygó arc


What’s now? Well I already subscribed to Ivan Pepelnjak’s great webinars to study other technologies, and some real life design scenarios.

I’m planning to do a series of blog posts about the preparation, how I see it, but currently enjoying the summer.

However, if you are studying for the exam, check out the CCIE Mental Preparation LinkedIn group, where we are discussing about the Non-Technical part of the CCIE Journey.

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