08 Apr

Cisco ACI training materials

My notes from the past:

As always the first step shall be the Cisco Live 365 (and it is Free 🙂 )

  • BRKACI-2000 – Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure (2014 San Francisco)
  • BRKACI-2003 – Cisco ACI MultiPod/MultiSite Deployment Options (2016 Berlin)
  • BRKACI-2003 – Deployment Options for Interconnecting Multiple ACI Fabrics (2016 Las Vegas)
  • BRKACI-1002 – Introduction to ACI for Network Admins (2016 Melbourne)
  • BRKACI-2250 – Cisco End-to-End Datacenter Security Architecture (2016 Las Vegas)
  • BRKACI-2345 – Intermediate – ACI: What We Have Learnt from Early Deployments (2015 Milan)
  • BRKACI-1789 – Introductory – How to Perform Common Tasks in ACI (2016 Berlin)
  • BRKACI-1025 – Intermediate – Migration from Classic Design to ACI (2015 Milan)
  • BRKACI-2601 – Real World ACI Deployment and Migration (2015 San Diego)
  • BRKACI-2410 – Management and Automation of Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with Cisco UCS Director (2014 San Francisco)

Cisco dCloud LAB, where one can find ACI specific labs. (CCO account required)


  • Policy Driven Data Center with ACI, The: Architecture, Concepts, and Methodology
  • Programming and Automating Cisco Networks: A guide to network programmability and automation in the data center, campus, and WAN



Use this learning track to create and link network elements in ACI. You will learn the different APIC interfaces, create API requests, write simple Python scripts, and work with the Cobra SDK, Arya development tool, and ACI toolkit. Example project to use Ansible with ACI

Blogs, others:

I would first start with the Cisco Live videos, and the dCloud Lab. The next step will really depend on the customer request and environment.