25 Mar

Github repos worth checking out

Interesting projects on Nicholas Russos GitHub site. These are good examples how powerful Ansible and Python is.
  • perf : Variety of performance testers for short, midterm, and long tests.
  • racc : Run Arbitrary CLI Commands on a variety of network devices
  • vpnm: Declarative MPLS L3VPN route-target management
  • natm: Network Address Translation Manager
  • stig: Offline config file scanner to test for STIG compliance with flexible rule sets
12 Sep

CCIE vs. Network Automation

I remember how challenging was to achieve my CCIE cert, and how much time I spent to study broad topics on a deep level, specially in terms of Implementation and Troubleshooting. Ultimately I have used this experience to move forward to Design and Architect space.

Of course there is also part of the CCIE preparation to practice a lot of Vendor specific commands, but let’s face it, if one not working in OPs, those commands will fade away quickly, but the concepts not, and you can still apply all the stuff, you just need more time, and get some refresh. On the long road, for me CCIE was never about CLI, but used those commands to understand the theories.

I’m big fan of Network Automation & Open technologies and used Linux before, and scripted stuff before. I think generally getting dev skills (Python) has real value.Ultimately we don’t like the boring stuff, so we try to solve interesting problems using creative ways.

Network Automation and development shall be the de facto way of working in the future,and an important skill but getting a CCIE is more about a personal & technical challenge, which is useful, and will be useful in the future also – in my view, although I agree that the exam shall include some aspects of network automation, and shall be updated to be more realistic.

So ultimately I would put an AND logic, and not an OR logic between getting Expert Level Certification & Network Automation. As the top engineers of the future will be expert in networking concepts, and effective in engineering and delivery, and will support the business using agile methods.

17 Jul

Good news from Brussels

On my #2 attempt, 5-6 days before the end of the V4 track, I passed my Routing & Switching CCIE lab Exam, and earn my number: #43897

I’m very very happy right now. This was a huge Mental and Technical challenge, and a very important step in my personal and professional development.  I already received my CCIE plaque.

Personally I think it’s very nice, built from high quality materials. Couldn’t resist to do some photoshopping on the photoMosolygó arc


What’s now? Well I already subscribed to Ivan Pepelnjak’s great webinars to study other technologies, and some real life design scenarios.

I’m planning to do a series of blog posts about the preparation, how I see it, but currently enjoying the summer.

However, if you are studying for the exam, check out the CCIE Mental Preparation LinkedIn group, where we are discussing about the Non-Technical part of the CCIE Journey.