NetDevOps Survey

To start a survey about the network automation industry to help bring clarity to operations people are automating the most/least, or even how long it is taking on average to learn network automation.

NetDevOps Survey

The NetwDevOps Survey project was started in 2016 to address questions regarding it's subject. The next edition came at 2019. It resulted 300 responses. The questions of the survey are around the following major topics:

  • Type of environment managed
  • Number of network devices managed
  • Operations that are automated
  • What solutions are used to automate configurations and deployments
  • Maturity level of Automation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Role transition (because of Automation)

Use the following link to reach out to the project, where you can also find the questions (even for 2020) in YAML format.

The goal of this survey is to collect information to understand how network operators and engineers are using automation to operate their network today.

NetworkToCode described in a blog post the results of 2019, which is also worth checking out

The State of Network Operation Through Automation / NetDevOps Survey 2019 - Network to Code

Let's contribute to the next survey (2020) so it will reflect up to date progress of the Network Automation industry.